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James G. Avatar
James G.
5/16/2021 - Google
This is a great place for all Auto wheel/tire, alignment, exhaust, etc. I always get great service here!
Nick H. Avatar
Nick H.
5/12/2021 - Google
T&T has always been helpful since my first arrival a few years back. They are courteous, genuine and ready to... read more
Cindy R. Avatar
Cindy R.
5/11/2021 - Google
Stopped for a tire rotation and asked for a tire quote. Great counter people. Very fast service.
Jimmey A. Avatar
Jimmey A.
4/19/2021 - Google
Sorry guys but the job you did on my motorhome air ride was all wrong. Burned hole in... read more
Alyssa C. Avatar
Alyssa C.
4/17/2021 - Google
Everyone is SO awesome!! Such a wonderful environment and excellent, quick service!!!!!!!
D.G. S. Avatar
D.G. S.
2/17/2021 - Google
I have bought tires from T & T tires for over 15 years when I first lived out in Death... read more
Jenny R. Avatar
Jenny R.
2/17/2021 - Google
Best place in town for your oilchange and tire needs. Always super friendly.
Riley B. Avatar
Riley B.
2/17/2021 - Google
Had foreign objects in my tires, they quickly took care of it. Always had g[d service here.
Renae H. Avatar
Renae H.
1/17/2021 - Google
Always great thank you
Madeline P. Avatar
Madeline P.
12/17/2020 - Google
Fantastic business with an amazing staff. They went above and beyond to help us in an emergency, and get us... read more
Michael P. Avatar
Michael P.
12/17/2020 - Google
The guys at T&T are the best. Tire repair was super fast and friendly service.
Michael H. Avatar
Michael H.
12/17/2020 - Google
Fast and friendly
Loretta C. Avatar
Loretta C.
12/17/2020 - Google
They were very courteous. They did a great job, and it was a reasonable price. They even went out of... read more
Samson S. Avatar
Samson S.
12/17/2020 - Google
Quick and very reasonable service. Would recommend to anyone in the area.
Seanda M. Avatar
Seanda M.
11/17/2020 - Google
Always so nice and welcoming ?
Tangi T. Avatar
Tangi T.
11/17/2020 - Google
We pulled in after traveling cross country with a concerning wobble when driving. We called ahead and they said come... read more
Brittney L. Avatar
Brittney L.
10/17/2020 - Google
Love this place. Clean (literally the cleanest auto place I have ever been in) honest and upfront, and has a... read more
Josh J. Avatar
Josh J.
10/17/2020 - Google
Honest repair work with fair prices. Great customer service. Highly recommended!
robert s. Avatar
robert s.
10/17/2020 - Google
The store is people friendly love going there they give the best customer service.
Luis A. Avatar
Luis A.
10/17/2020 - Google
Excellent Service for Tires put on Honda Civic Hybrid cars!
Darnell M. Avatar
Darnell M.
10/17/2020 - Google
They're great! Went in for a oil change and found out that my serpentine belt was about to... read more
Sean M. Avatar
Sean M.
9/17/2020 - Google
Absolutely amazing customer service, even got a phone call a few days later just to thank me for doing business there
Will W. Avatar
Will W.
9/17/2020 - Google
Great service
Subodh S. Avatar
Subodh S.
9/17/2020 - Google
My car broke down on the SR395 and I had to get it towed to Ridgecrest. The tow truck company... read more
marlo s. Avatar
marlo s.
9/17/2020 - Google
I stopped in less than an hour before closing time with a trailer tire leak. They got it... read more
Stephanie G. Avatar
Stephanie G.
8/17/2020 - Google
Great service Jason and Mike they're the best very informative they know how to take care of their customers 10⭐⭐⭐????
Rosie O. Avatar
Rosie O.
8/17/2020 - Google
We came in for a check for our fluids and they saw us instantly and topped off some out our... read more
Mandoman99 Avatar
7/17/2020 - Google
great place, awesome people , great help I recommend this shop to everyone. if you live in ridgecrest... read more
Ginger V. Avatar
Ginger V.
7/17/2020 - Google
Great service super clean waiting room and super friendly staff.
james f. Avatar
james f.
7/17/2020 - Google
Jeff and his team have always taken great care of my vehicles for years. They are professional and have never... read more
Kenny S. Avatar
Kenny S.
7/17/2020 - Google
very good service
Ultra B. Avatar
Ultra B.
6/17/2020 - Google
Always great service here. So quick, didnt even have time to finish my sandwich before they were done. Super friendly.... read more
Gregory M. Avatar
Gregory M.
6/17/2020 - Google
Great and professional people
Kevin R. Avatar
Kevin R.
5/17/2020 - Google
They go the extra mile. I brought them new rims and lug nuts to put on my truck. The lug... read more
Gary W. Avatar
Gary W.
5/17/2020 - Google
Great service
Dennis B. Avatar
Dennis B.
5/17/2020 - Google
Very fast and thorough service!
James D. Avatar
James D.
5/17/2020 - Google
They do great work, I've never had a problem with them. I've been going there for over 15 years.
marilyn l. Avatar
marilyn l.
5/17/2020 - Google
Awesome very polite and quick no problems ????
Thalia H. Avatar
Thalia H.
5/17/2020 - Google
Aligned my car
Tony S. Avatar
Tony S.
5/17/2020 - Google
I've used T&T since 2004 on the recommendation of my brother. Since then, I've never gone anywhere else. ... read more
Daniel S. Avatar
Daniel S.
5/17/2020 - Google
Awesome service
Myra C. Avatar
Myra C.
5/17/2020 - Google
Friendly, honest service. Have been coming here for years. Have always been treated fairly. Wouldn't take my car anywhere else.
Joseph C. Avatar
Joseph C.
5/17/2020 - Google
This is absolutely the best mechanic shop in this town I would recommend them to anybody that has car problems... read more
Mike H. Avatar
Mike H.
5/17/2020 - Google
Had almost flat tire. They fixed it right away. Thanks to Bruce and the staff.
Martin C. Avatar
Martin C.
5/17/2020 - Google
This was my first time using this mechanic. They did a really good job on doing an alignment on... read more
Tim W. Avatar
Tim W.
5/17/2020 - Google
Best place to go for your repairs
Kevin S. Avatar
Kevin S.
5/17/2020 - Google
Mounted and balanced new tires. Great.
James M. Avatar
James M.
5/17/2020 - Google
These guys are very transparent. Replaced two rotors with expertise and serviced the other two brakes just because.
Linda C. Avatar
Linda C.
5/17/2020 - Google
Awesome ?. Efficient ? Honesty ? Professionalisms ?? Jeff is who I interacted with.I highly recommend T & T... read more
Charles Q. Avatar
Charles Q.
5/17/2020 - Google
Great prices and excellent customer service
Chasity P. Avatar
Chasity P.
5/17/2020 - Google
Jethro was amazing help even cleaned my brakes and the price was amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Jacob B. Avatar
Jacob B.
5/17/2020 - Google
Great service went there right as they were closing because I needed to get my tire sensors adjusted to my... read more
Mary A. Avatar
Mary A.
5/17/2020 - Google
Quick service!
Allyus J. Avatar
Allyus J.
5/17/2020 - Google
Got my truck lifted and aligned. Even with the minor setbacks, they helped me get my truck back on the... read more
Delmas H. Avatar
Delmas H.
5/17/2020 - Google
Bruce and his guys are great??
April T. Avatar
April T.
5/17/2020 - Google
They do great work, real, honest people!
Andrew H. Avatar
Andrew H.
5/17/2020 - Google
Great place to go for a quick flat tire repair. Second time in two weeks I've had a screw stuck... read more
Michael A. Avatar
Michael A.
5/17/2020 - Google
You won't get better care for your car. I take all my vehicles there. Whatever you take your car there... read more
lance c. Avatar
lance c.
5/17/2020 - Google
Very professional and great service.
Raymond G. Avatar
Raymond G.
5/17/2020 - Google
Fate brought me and my family to the wonderful honest people over at T & T Alignment.I overheated... read more
Linda H. Avatar
Linda H.
5/17/2019 - Google
After limping my 2016 F-150 in to T&T with just turning 10,000 miles, and the dash saying “oil change required”... read more
Patricia M. Avatar
Patricia M.
5/17/2019 - Google
They are amazing always so helpful and kind I would recommend them anytime they do very good work. I would... read more
Margaret S. Avatar
Margaret S.
5/17/2019 - Google
Great service and customer care
Terry F. Avatar
Terry F.
5/17/2019 - Google
Driving home from Death Valley and discovered a bolt in one of our trailer tires... We were in and out... read more
Crystal S. Avatar
Crystal S.
5/17/2019 - Google
Bruce and Jeff and wonderful. They take care of you! The service is quick and efficient and reasonably priced. They... read more
April P. Avatar
April P.
5/17/2019 - Google
Great service, great group of guys! Thanks!
john e. Avatar
john e.
5/17/2019 - Google
Great friendly people very helpful
Charlotte H. Avatar
Charlotte H.
5/17/2019 - Google
These guys are wonderful! Bruce is awesome and so helpful. It's nice to actually find a place that won't rip... read more
Michelle K. Avatar
Michelle K.
5/17/2019 - Google
Amazing service as always, and they always make you feel like you belong!! Thank you
Michael S. Avatar
Michael S.
5/17/2019 - Google
This place is awesome. Jeff, Bruce and the crew are amazing!
Charles A. Avatar
Charles A.
5/17/2019 - Google
Awesome place only shop in Ridgecrest that ill let work on my Jaguar
Nick C. Avatar
Nick C.
5/17/2019 - Google
Fast and friendly!!!!!!
Charles T. Avatar
Charles T.
5/17/2019 - Google
Quick service, good price,and friendly people
stephanie g. Avatar
stephanie g.
5/17/2019 - Google
The best very professional really caring the owner is great the guy who did my tires was fabulous I DEFIANTLY... read more
Catina H. Avatar
Catina H.
5/17/2019 - Google
Perfect service again thank you guys.
Michele G. Avatar
Michele G.
5/17/2019 - Google
They always treat me right and take great care if our cars. In and out in the same day.
Shane W. Avatar
Shane W.
5/17/2019 - Google
I have been going here for years. Great service and these folks always take great care of our vehicles.
Cory R. Avatar
Cory R.
5/17/2019 - Google
Fast. Friendly. Prices are great.
Steve C. Avatar
Steve C.
5/17/2019 - Google
Jeff and his team are the best in town
Ricardo J. Avatar
Ricardo J.
5/17/2019 - Google
Great service and fast
Tom R. Avatar
Tom R.
5/17/2019 - Google
Great friendly service
Can I. Avatar
Can I.
5/17/2018 - Google
Best place in town to get work done love there there business
Chuck S. Avatar
Chuck S.
5/17/2018 - Google
Very honest and resonable.
Erin L. Avatar
Erin L.
5/17/2018 - Google
People were friendly prices were reasonable.
Cindy H. Avatar
Cindy H.
5/17/2018 - Google
Fast and friendly service .Got back on the road quickly ?after Big nail in my tire
Shawn M. Avatar
Shawn M.
5/17/2018 - Google
The place to go for tires
Roger Y. Avatar
Roger Y.
5/17/2018 - Google
Quick and efficient, great products and good prices, knowledgeable staff.
Lindsey D. Avatar
Lindsey D.
5/17/2018 - Google
T&T is awesome! Fast, friendly, and reliable. The service is great. The staff is friendly and the owner always makes... read more
Thomas P. Avatar
Thomas P.
5/17/2018 - Google
I had a break job done on my 2006 Camry. Excellent work. I had an appointment work started... read more
keyla h. Avatar
keyla h.
5/17/2018 - Google
Wonderful Staff and Service!
Georgie C. Avatar
Georgie C.
5/17/2018 - Google
Excellent service
RA M. Avatar
5/17/2018 - Google
Fast friendly service and a great price!
DeWayne S. Avatar
DeWayne S.
5/17/2018 - Google
Some of the nicest people I've done business with. Prompt, honest, fair.
jeffysr. s. Avatar
jeffysr. s.
5/17/2018 - Google
On this occasion I was playing the role of passenger, and doing a stellar job of it, if I do... read more
Debbie M. Avatar
Debbie M.
5/17/2018 - Google
Employees are friendly and knowledgeable
Matt T. Avatar
Matt T.
5/17/2018 - Google
Absolutely amazing
Victoria H. Avatar
Victoria H.
5/17/2018 - Google
Quick & efficient.
Roman B. Avatar
Roman B.
5/17/2017 - Google
Fast service and good job
Rob B. Avatar
Rob B.
5/17/2017 - Google
Great service
T K. Avatar
T K.
5/17/2017 - Google
Great business with great people! They were the only place in town I could find a pair of mufflers to... read more
Matt W. Avatar
Matt W.
5/17/2017 - Google
I have used T&T twice now for muffler work. They were fast, courteous, and reasonably priced.
Anthony T. Avatar
Anthony T.
5/17/2017 - Google
They have always been courteous, and kind. Good customer service, and professional work. I have always trusted them for repairs... read more
Isaiah R. Avatar
Isaiah R.
5/17/2017 - Google
T & T is Absolutely Amazing. They have the best customer service. I needed 4 new tires for our SUV... read more
Stephanie M. Avatar
Stephanie M.
5/17/2016 - Google
Great, friendly service!!!!! Would recommend this place to anyone!
Julianne D. Avatar
Julianne D.
5/17/2016 - Google
Amazing first experience with T&T, they were able to get us in super fast and actually called ahead to the... read more
Daniel L. Avatar
Daniel L.
5/17/2015 - Google
I found this place to be extremely helpful!Mechanics at T&T fixed my "over heating" problem, and they called to make... read more
Salvador C. Avatar
Salvador C.
5/17/2014 - Google
These guys are great. My trailer got a flat tire and I had no tools to remove it. ... read more
Chris N. Avatar
Chris N.
5/17/2012 - Google
Yo, Scotty...What planet are you living on ? The charge for labor of $55-60/hour is the NORM in the industry...they... read more
Ron R. Avatar
Ron R.
4/26/2021 - Google
Good place
Adam C. Avatar
Adam C.
2/17/2021 - Google
Expensive, but good work, never had an issue.
Lea B. Avatar
Lea B.
5/17/2020 - Google
Got me in quick to charge my AC
Ryan M. Avatar
Ryan M.
5/17/2020 - Google
Fast, efficient service. It might be pricey, but they are good at what they do.
Paula F. Avatar
Paula F.
5/17/2019 - Google
Great folks, very professional.
bruce g. Avatar
bruce g.
5/17/2018 - Google
Friendly hard working staff
David B. Avatar
David B.
5/17/2018 - Google
Always professional and decent quality
Jeffrey M. Avatar
Jeffrey M.
5/17/2018 - Google
Had a leaking tire and it was repaired quickly. Fast friendly service.
Roddy J. Avatar
Roddy J.
5/17/2018 - Google
I've only ever had one bad experience with this place, and that was my aftermarket exhaust system that I had... read more
Andrew W. Avatar
Andrew W.
5/17/2017 - Google
Chris M. Avatar
Chris M.
5/17/2017 - Google
Always let's the customer know what is going on with the job, friendly too Vets.
T C. Avatar
T C.
3/17/2021 - Google
Had a brake job done there. Price was steep. Only got the front done. No meat on the bone left... read more
Emily C. Avatar
Emily C.
5/17/2020 - Google
Kind of expensive but alright.
Lindsay S. Avatar
Lindsay S.
9/17/2020 - Google
Not pleased with customer service. I came in for routine service, and then they did a few other things to... read more
Jackie G. Avatar
Jackie G.
7/17/2020 - Google
The guy who helped us was great but the people inside the office couldn’t help themselves from speaking about politics... read more
Ray C. Avatar
Ray C.
11/17/2020 - Google
Did know what he was talking about
jerry g. Avatar
jerry g.
9/17/2020 - Google
Replaced AC compressor and the electrical nook up was really bad as they used long spliced wires running to clutch... read more
Alexis A. Avatar
Alexis A.
9/17/2020 - Google
Wish I can leave 0 starts. Very unproffesional. I went in to get a used tire. They explained they didn’t... read more
Beth S. Avatar
Beth S.
6/17/2020 - Google
I am giving one star because -1 is not an option. I went into the shop to have a gas... read more
Bobby D. Avatar
Bobby D.
6/17/2020 - Google
Worst experience I've had in many years.Went in for 2 specific items (1 tire and 1 battery). Guy at register... read more
David L. Avatar
David L.
5/17/2020 - Google
My truck was in for new tires and alignment back in April and after leaving my truck was pulling left... read more
Mike D. Avatar
Mike D.
5/17/2020 - Google
Place is a complete scam . Beware your car will come back in worse shape then when you take it there
arnold g. Avatar
arnold g.
5/17/2020 - Google
recently my 70 year old mother went here and was told her CV boot was ripped and was splattering... read more
Chris J. Avatar
Chris J.
5/17/2019 - Google
223 dollars for a oil change and air filter on a 2016 tundra. Are you kidding me. They charged 75... read more
Tee B. Avatar
Tee B.
5/17/2018 - Google
Incompetent and overpriced. They will break stuff, like the parts they are installing or parts on your car, install it... read more
Phoenix B. Avatar
Phoenix B.
5/17/2018 - Google
It is not that great since i am only 11
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