T&T Alignment For Your Brake Repair

Relying on your vehicle to stop when you step on the brake is essential to operating your automobile. How do you know when your brake system needs attention? You may hear squealing coming from your front or rear brakes. You may feel a pulsation when braking. You may also feel a squishiness in your brake pedal.

At T&T Alignment, we offer a free brake inspection anytime you'd like. When we rotate your tires, we also peek at the brakes. If your brakes need attention, we can usually get the job done the same day or schedule it within a day or two.

We want you to be safe in your daily driving.

Stop by for your FREE brake inspection, or call to schedule your appointment.

Choose Us For Your Brake Maintenance

Your vehicle is in great hands with our experienced technicians. Here is what you can expect:
We will resurface or replace your rotors
We will replace your brake pads
We will bleed the brake lines and add fluid as needed
We will make sure your emergency brake is working correctly
Sometimes, the master cylinder needs to be replaced
Sometimes, calipers need to be replaced
We will discuss with you our plan of attack in completing the brake job to your satisfaction
Contact T&T Alignment for the best brake service in Ridgecrest.
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