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The tire is the only way through which a vehicle runs. Only through this a car has contact with the road. The weight of the vehicle will always be on the four tires. Hence, people must ensure proper fitting and alignment so everything works well. Because of the poor condition of tires, there can be a lot of trouble, including severe accidents. It would be best if you kept ensuring that your vehicle's tires are acceptable to prevent any problem or accident that could be caused. So, don’t be delayed! If you need any tire repair shop in Ridgecrest, contact T&T Alignment.

We offer "out-the-door" pricing on all tire quotes. This includes dismounting & disposal of your old tires, mounting, computerized balancing, and valve stems & installation. When you purchase tires from us, you will receive FREE rotation and balance for the life of your tires.

How Does T&T Alignment Help You In Tire Repair?

• Inflation is the first thing to be checked in tires. If your car tires are properly inflated, it will lead to proper handling, more comfort, and an increase in fuel efficiency. Our team will ensure your car's tires are properly aligned and fitted.

• Our expert team will always ensure the right balance in the car tires. The balance among all four tires is essential because if there is no balance, your vehicle will vibrate as soon as you start. If there is any such problem, our team will help fix it.

Like the above points, our team will also check the overall conditions of your tires. Also, they can suggest if there is a need for repair or replacement of the tires. T&T Alignment is the best tire shop in Ridgecrest at affordable prices.

Name Brand Tires at T&T Alignment

We offer various brands and types, making us the ideal tire & service provider for your car, truck, SUV, RV, off-road & utility vehicles.

Our best-selling tires are:

  • TOYO

Looking for something else? We have many other brands available:


Call us today for your tire quote at (760)446-4771

Your Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor (TPMS) is flashing on your dash? This could mean your tire is low and may need air, or it could have something in it needing repair. Sometimes the TPMS goes terribly and needs to be replaced. We have the tools to install and reprogram them. Stop by anytime; no appointment is necessary.
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